About Yana

Hi there!

I have been where you are right now. I also haven’t always had a balanced relationship with food and my body. Years ago I was stuck in a lifestyle of counting calories and macros, believing that this was the only way to keep my fit body. I used MyFitnessPal every single day. At one point I realised that this was taking away too much of my quality of life, and I decided to make a huge leap towards intuitive eating. I was amazed by the results. I became happier, more free around food, I stopped being hungry all the time, I stopped feeling guilty for eating something higher in calories. And I finally got the body I had always dreamed of, without even focusing on that!

On the left photo you see me 15 years ago, before I started training. I always wanted a fit body, but I didn’t have a lot of muscle mass and like most women, I believed the way to achieve my goal was by losing weight. So I started restricting the calories I ate.

I decided to start going to the gym, but I trained without structure. I did mostly cardio as I thought training with weights would make me look manly. When I finally realised that spending hours on the treadmill was not the way to build the fit physique I wanted, I tried weightlifting. However, I trained without a plan. I didn’t apply progressive overload, I didn’t train smart.

And I did not get any results. 

On the right picture you see my shape after winning 4 international bikini fitness competitions. At this point I already knew how to train in order to get the results I wanted, but my relationship with food was ruined. I felt guilty when I ate food which was higher in calories, no matter what that food was (even bananas fell into that “high calorie” category). I couldn’t relax during social events because I was constantly fixated on counting macros and I also avoided liquid calories at any cost. I was constantly focused on food, hungry, moody.

And here I am - in my best shape ever, while being the happiest and healthiest I have ever been.

Eating intuitively, not counting any calories and macros, enjoying life to the fullest and being strong, fit, happy and healthy.


My first weeks at the gym. Training without consistency and a smart workout program. Trying to eat as little as possible. 


My shape after winning 4 international bikini fitness competitions. Hungry, tired, moody, missing menstrual cycle and counting every single calorie I eat.



“Reach your dream physique and keep it forever - without dieting, without hunger and without restricting food.”

Beautiful words

my 1:1 coaching

Desislava, 34 years old

Before I started working with Yana, I was physically and mentally unhappy - I was physically tired, I had no energy and motivation to do something different in my daily life, I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and even though the scale showed the same kilos, I felt and looked bloated.

Mentally I was still afraid of how much pasta, rice, bread, pizza, chocolate cake or biscuits I would eat, so I always restricted myself from these things. The result was that I often lost control and overate these foods, and then I felt bloated and guilty for not being strict enough. 

After working with Yana, I became more energetic and I have a new incentive to train - to have a healthy body. I give my body what it wants, I don't blame myself and I don't regret it if I eat chocolate, pasta or pizza. I sleep well. I don't feel bloated, my relationship with food is better, I don't overeat on sweets, even on the healthy ones. 

I decided to work with Yana because she is friendly, smiling and positive. I follow her on social media and I really like the content she provides. 

I love the recipes in her e-book. I have tried many of them and I would say that they are very tasty and quick to prepare, I can cook them all the time and I will never get tired of them. 

I had no doubts about the coaching, and I was sure I would succeed. I liked the fact that she would stay supportive with me when I happened to not exercise or when I ate a piece of cake, and she taught me to continue with my plan and not to starve myself or compensate for the piece of cake I had just eaten. 

What I like the most is that she filled me with positive energy, and when I had questions she was always there for a meeting. Yana improved my relationship with food, made me a happier person physically and mentally. I would recommend her to others because she is a very knowledgeable, cheerful and positive person and she would help others for sure! Nowadays, people like her are few and far between. Once again thank you, Yana!

Pavlina, 25 years old

At the beginning of our work together I was feeling pretty lost and disappointed with myself. I found it difficult to stick to a routine and I was blaming my surroundings and myself for this. Yana, with a personal approach, helped me to switch my point of view which led to many positive outcomes in my life and health overall. She was pointing out things to me which I didn't notice, and that was really beneficial to me. I chose her because I felt like she understood me and my struggles in health and fitness. I hadn’t really worked with coaches that much before and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked that even when my life was so hectic at some points and I forgot to reach out to her she didn't forget me. I would recommend Yana to everybody who is tired of dieting and would like to shift their point of view.

Ilina, 22 years old

Mentally I was at a really bad place, especially when it came to food. A few years back I suffered from an eating disorder and even though I thought I had healed my relationship with food, I was wrong. I was counting calories on and off, binging on rare occasions, not being able to stop when I’m actually full, etc. Now, I can feel when I’m satisfied and stop even when there’s still food on my plate, which I’m very proud of! I decided to work with Yana as a couch because she seemed very friendly and super educated (both of which she really is). Maybe I was skeptical to some extent because I didn’t believe I’d be able to eat intuitively. That seemed like a dream to me, but Yana proved me wrong and made it a reality for me! The most unique thing during the coaching was noticing how my body reacts to different meals, my unhealthy patterns and learning to eat intuitively. Thank you immensely for this, Yana! I would recommend Yana’s coaching because I believe she is able to help anybody through her knowledge and ability to clearly explain patterns/problems/solutions. She is very sunny and I think it would be a pleasure for everyone to work with her!